Embedded Linux

We provide a comprehensive training program in embedded Linux development,
encompassing Embedded Linux BSP Development, Yocto Build Optimization,
Linux Device Driver Development, PCIe & USB Device Driver Development,
Secure Boot, Security Protocols, Secured Cloud Communication and more


Our Services

Embedded Linux

  • U-Boot bootloader
  • Linux Kernel
  • Root filesystem
  • Run level configurations
  • System Bootup

Yocto Framework

  • Fundamental Architecture
  • Layers & Recipes
  • Bitbake & Append Files
  • Image & Machine Files
  • Custom Image, Layer, Recipes

Linux Device Driver

  • Character Driver
  • Device Tree
  • GPIO, I2C Drivers
  • Bottom Half Technique
  • IIO, Input Driver

Display Driver

  • HDMI Display Driver
  • LVDS Display Driver
  • MIPI DSI Display Driver
  • MIPI DSI to HDMI Bridge
  • MIPI DSI to LVDS Bridge

Sensor Driver

  • Inertial Motion Sensor Driver
  • Accelerometer Driver
  • Temp / Humidity Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Radar Sensor Driver

Graphics Driver

  • Linux Graphics Stack
  • Kernel Mode Driver
  • DRM & DRI
  • OpenGL
  • Vulkan

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